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If You Find Hectic City Life Soothing, You're Not Alone!

A bustling city street isn't the most serene environment for most people, but a new study shows that city life is soothing for certain personalities.

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When most people think of a relaxing location, they picture locales like an empty beach, a tranquil lake or a quiet mountain. However, new research has shown that for certain personality types, these "calming" backdrops are actually more stressful than a busy city street.


According to New York Magazine, the study, which involved more than 450 participants, found that people with a specific personality often find city life more soothing and refreshing than a "traditionally" relaxing environment.


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"If you tend to be a might find your thinking abilities more refreshed in a frenetic, urban environment rather than a tranquil, natural one," the authors wrote.


If you prefer to walk through a busy downtown area when you need to collect your thoughts, you might fall into this category! But don't worry -- there are plenty of other city lovers who feel the same way.

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