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Appliquéd Throw Pillows

Another reason to love removable throw-pillow covers: You can create any pattern imaginable with appliqués.

Applique Pillows

Photography: Marcus Smith

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Trim (1), $25 a yd., Daytona Trimmings, 212-354-1713.

  • Three-piece gold-embroidery plum flower cloth patches (2), $8.50 each, Lauren Trimming, 646-964-5734.

  • Scrambled Eggs appliqués (3), $4 each,

  • Layered flower appliqué (5), $9.50, Lauren Trimming, 646-964-5734.

  • Embroidered star appliqués (6), 1 1/2", $1.60 each,


  1. Arrange your appliqués in a desired layout.

  2. For a high-traffic couch, use iron-ons. They're backed with glue to prevent raised edges that can catch on things. To prep hand iron, turn on to the hottest setting (avoid using steam) and work on a table or other hard, heat-resistant surface (not an ironing board, which has too much padding).

  3. For extra insurance, add a couple of stitches where the pillows curve.
    applique pillows

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