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Every Wish You Had a Spaghetti Necklace or Bacon Headband? Well, Now You Can!

We love accessories and fashion statements that help us stand out and showcase our personality. There are amazing scarves that give the right pop of color, intricate necklaces that really draw the eye, but these accessories may just be the most delicious yet.

Fake FoodHanataka's ii-Fake line of accessories feature the perfect accessories that will really showcase your foodie label and they're the perfect balance ofcutesy and high fashion. Japan is known for their love of fake food as a way to advertise what's available in their restaurant, but Fake Food Hanataka has taken the love for realisim in food to a whole other level and we love it.



The company makes headbands, hair ties, earrings, rings and clips that look like real deal food favorites including sugary doughnuts, bacon slices, fruit slices and all our favorite Japanese dishes.



They really do look like the real deal. Good enough to eat? Pieces start at around $30. Many of the products, including the stack of pancake ring, curry rice necklace and the fried spring roll headband are sold out because well, they're perfection.



話題の商品#マツコの知らない世界 で #着用 していただきました #オムそば の#カチューシャ です

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While you're waiting for the shipment to arrive from Japan, perhaps you'd like to try making this green eggs and ham?