Technology is amazing and capturing moments in history has never been better thanks to the advances in technology. Selfies may get a bad rap, but studies have shown that they can be great for many reasons and capturing the perfect image of yourself has never been as easy as it is now.
Credit: David Wright Weddings

Mashable reports, there's now self-recognition cameras attached to drones that are making major waves in the world of photography. Gone are the days of trying to find the perfect angle to snap a photo of yourself or the embarassment of the selfie stick! Just let your drone will now do it for you -- and do it far better!

The Hover Camera Passport is a new drone that uses body and facial recognition to snap amazing photos and video of its subjects. We know Martha has been fascinated with the images her own drone, the DJI Phantom flying camera that captures footage of her gorgeous farm, but this new drone is even more advanced.

The Hover Camera Passport, made by Zero Zero Robotics', is fully enclosed, meaning you can pick it up and carry it in anyway without the risk of getting injured from its propellers an it's safer to use indoors.

All you do is open the drone and it will follow you like your shadow, capturing moments that no standard photographer could even attempt. It records 4K video with a 13-megapixel photos so what you'releft with is pure perfection and a lot of amazing memories for life.


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