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How to Stay Organized in a Bathroom with Zero Storage

No under-sink storage space? No problem!

peg rail
Photography by: Chelsea McNamara Cavanaugh

In a bathroom that lacks under-sink storage, make walls work overtime and beautify an empty space in one fell swoop. A row of Shaker pegs -- and a handful of pretty baskets -- are a stylish way to organize get-ready essentials.


1. Do a Double

Mount two rows of pegs in one line to max out the space over your toilet or bathtub, too. Six-peg maple Shaker racks, in Unfinished, $15 each,


2. Measure Up

Look for a mirror with a hanging bar or rope, and make sure to center it over the sink. IKEA Ikornnes table mirror, in Ash, $30,


3. Bypass the Bar

Your bathroom just got even more streamlined: Pegs eliminate the need for towel racks.


4. Stash the Paper

An extra roll looks more polished when tucked into a pouch. From left: Round Tahiti baskets, $14 each, and Oval Makati waste basket, $20, IKEA Nordrana basket, $10 for 2,


Clutter Control Tip

Use leather cord to make hanging straps for baskets: Thread the ends through the weave and knot them. Bead Landing leather suede cord$8 for 9 ft.,


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