Christmas Card Ideas

This Christmas, try your hand at DYI-ing your holiday cards. To help you get inspired, we put together some useful tips on everything from how to combine materials to create memorable holiday cards to jazzing up your yearly family photo to make sure your season greetings are appreciated. These fun ideas are sure to have everyone on your mailing list smile.

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13 DIY Christmas Cards That Will Spread Some Homemade Holiday Cheer
Whether the sentiment is embossed, decked in ribbon, or expressed through a prized photograph, making a handmade holiday card is well worth the effort. Quiet evenings spent snipping ribbons and dusting paper with fine glitter will ease you into the busy holiday season, and your notes will surely become gifts in themselves, treasured long after the store-bought cards have come and gone. The art of DIY Christmas cards is a treasure for the creator and recipient alike. This season, try your hand at one of our many ideas, which include button snowmen, accordion folded photos, unique embellishments, and glitter.
6 Organizations That Will Help You Send Homemade Holiday Cards to Kids Who Need Them
Send your notes to these charities, which will distribute your cards to hospitals nationwide during the holiday season.
Reindeer Pop-Up Card
Spread holiday cheer with this one-of-a-kind holiday card from pop-up book artists Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart.