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This Site Can Help You Pick the Best Apple Varieties for Fall Baking

Keep those Golden Delicious apples away from the grill, save them for your pie.


Whether you prefer heading to the farm to pick them yourself or “picking" them from the produce section of your grocery store, apples are likely to be your favorite fall fruit. Maybe that's why October is National Apple Month? (How many apple pies have you baked this month?!)


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While most of our recipes suggest which varieties to use, not all recipes do and sometimes you can't find the specified kind, then what to do? To help apple enthusiasts get a better idea of how different apples work best as ingredients, fruit-growing and packing company Stemilt Growers has launched a website dedicated to helping users identify the right apple for all of their baking, frying, and cooking needs. There’s an Apple for That is super simple: head to the site and punch in the recipe you’re working on. Whether you want to make a pie, sauce, apple butter, or are just looking to pair your fruit with cheese, There’s an Apple for That will present you with the best varieties. The site makes its apple recommendations based on factors like sweetness, acidity, and firmness. Making a pie? There’s an Apple for That recommends varieties including Golden Delicious, suggested for its resilience when exposed to high temperatures during baking. Making cider? You can use just about anything from Fuji to Braeburn, all depending on whether you prefer your drink sweet or slightly acidic. The site goes beyond apples for cooking and baking and even helps you identify the best apples for things like boosting your energy (Gala and Empire).


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Our food editors are experts on what apple to use for which recipe. Watch Kitchen Conundrums host Thomas Joseph explain how to choose the right apple for your recipe: