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Captain America Superhero Costume

Look who's come to the rescue! We used a simple short sleeve dress, plus a few supplies from the dollar store, to transform a trick-or-treater into a bonafide superhero.

kid superhero costume


Source: Martha Stewart


If your kids can use scissors, they can help make their own costume. Let them customize their cape, mask, or shirt, to become their favorite crime-fighting figure, such as Captain America. When shopping for materials, check out your local dime store: they will have most items on the materials list. 


  • Red felt
  • Poster board
  • Paper plate
  • Blue headband
  • Medical tape
  • Craft paint in red and blue
  • Red marker
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


  1. To make the headband and dress: Cut out letter "A," wings, and star from paper plates. Using hot glue, affix the "A" and wings to the blue headband and the star to the dress.
    kid superhero costume
  2. To make the belt: Fold a length of white medical tape over itself and use red marker to create stripes.
    kid superhero costume
  3. To make the shield: Cut out a circular piece of poster board, paint, and glue a paper star to the front. Use masking tape on the back to create a handle.
    kid superhero costume
  4. To make the boots: Cut a red strip of felt fabric, measured to cover from knee to ankle with a fold at the top for a cuff. Glue the cuff down and use fabric tape to close in the back.
    kid superhero costume

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