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Glitter Grout Is the Latest Trend in Kitchen Décor and We Kind of Love It

Adding small touches to your house can go a long way and since you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, finding ways to make it bring a smile to your face is a great thing. There's a new trend that's adding some sparkle to the kitchen and we're really excited about it.

According to PopSugar, glitter grout is picking up speed as a home décor trend! Talk about a way to add some personality and shine into the most used room in your home!


The trend started picking late last weekn when Shawnee Daniels from Greeley, Colorado, took to Facebook to share her excitement when she found glitter grout at her local store and the trend took off from there.


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Less than a week after sharing her photo, the image has gone to viral status.



Reading through the comments, it's clear that we're going to come across glitter grout in more homes in the next few months. People are REALLY into it.


"Finally a way to make grout less ugly," one user writes while several others declared they were getting ready to glittergrout their entire home. " I can picture our house now," writes and enthusiastic glitter fan and others said they want to glitter up the grout their bathroom instead, which is another great place to add in some shine.


Looking on Instagram, there are several people who have already tried the glitter grout.



This user added some gold specks in the kitchen between the hexagon tiles. It's muted enough that it doesn't over-power, but it adds just that right amount of fun.



As PopSugar notes, updating the sparkle in your house won't cost you an arm and a leg, which makes it the perfect way to do a quick update to your home without having to set aside a large amount of time or money.


You can snag yourself a jar of Martha Stewart Glitter to add to any grout of your choice. Or you can buy a ready-mixed jar for about $24 and it comes in a variety of colors.



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