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Macramé Trivets

Shorter days often lead to longer gatherings over hearty roasts and pots of chili. So what do you need? Wow any host with this stylish woven trivet, which we crafted out of wire and metallic knotting rope.

macrame trivet

Photography: Chelsea McNamara Cavanaugh

Source: Martha Stewart


With a basic cow hitch (one of the easiest techniques in making-a-comeback macramé), you can bring the kitchen staple full circle in minutes.


  • Wire cutters

  • Imported fine metallic twist rope, 5 mm, $4 a yd.,

  • Craft glue


  1. Cut a ring of wire (it comes in a coil) for each trivet you want to make. (Large trivets should be 7 inches in diameter, with ends over-lapping 1 inch; small trivets should be 5 inches in diameter, with ends overlapping 1 inch.)

  2. Cut proper length of twist rope for each trivet: 3 yards for large, 2 yards for small.

  3. Do a cow-hitch stitch around ring: Fold rope in half, with one end long and the other short. Place it under wire, with folded part at bottom and ends on top.

  4. Bring both ends over wire ring and pass them under folded area, then pull to tighten. Bring long end under wire ring, then back over ring and through the loop formed; pull to tighten (as shown, below). Repeat all the way around ring.
    macrame trivet
  5. Secure rope with an overhand knot and tuck ends into knots on each side. Secure with dabs of glue.

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