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Paris Passes New Urban Garden Law That We Should Totally Steal

Paris is about to see an explosion of greenery. The French capital passed a law allowing residents to plant urban gardens around the city. Will we follow suit?

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Image: Marko Kudjerski

Cities can seem a little gray with row after row of buildings, but Paris is looking to introduce another color into its streets. According to Inhabitat, the French capital just passed a new urban garden law that allows residents to cultivate a variety of plants, and it anticipates an explosion of greenery over the next few years.


With a permit, Parisians are now free to plant just about anything they'd like -- flowers, greenery, vegetables or fruits. The main restrictions of the permits are that each urban garden must use sustainable methods, promote biodiversity and avoid pesticides -- besides those guidelines, residents are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild.


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According to the source, Mayor Anne Hidalgo's goal is to have 100 hectacres of living walls and green roofs within the next four years. Paris is surely in for a stunning transformation thanks to its new urban garden initiative.


Here's to hoping the idea comes to a city near you soon!


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