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"The Bachelor" Couple Ben and Lauren Reveal Their Newly Decorated Home

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, who got engaged on the reality TV show "The Bachelor," turned Ben's bachelor pad into a cozy couple's abode!

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Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main

"The Bachelor" sweethearts Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell may have been a match made in reality TV heaven, but their home decor ideas didn't initially mesh so well. When the newly-engaged couple moved in together, they faced one of their first big challenges as a couple: redecorating!


With the help of Joss & Main, Higgins's former bachelor pad in Denver was transformed into a stunning contemporary abode, complete with rose-themed decorations. The couple's main challenge when redecorating was helping Bunshell feel at home while still letting Higgins kept his favorite parts of the house.


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"It was so important to me to create a place that was both of ours," Bushnell explained. "We're in the next chapter of our relationship -- planning a wedding and building a home. That means getting rid of things from when we were a bachelor or bachelorette."


There was plenty of compromise involved, but in the end, the TV lovebirds were able to create a gorgeous, cozy space that reflected both their styles. The space is filled with neutral colors and fun textures that create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. Plus, in the living room, there's a gorgeous gold mirror shaped like a rose -- extremely appropriate given how they met.


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When asked what the best part of moving in together was, Higgins had the sweetest answer. "I'm excited to see the place with Lauren's touch on it and how happy she is," he said.


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