Just add (sparkling) water. And alcohol.
Photo: To Øl Brewery

When we were still trying to figure out how we felt about instant coffee (eh), Palcohol (double eh), and powdered peanut butter (surprisingly, not terrible), Danish scientists are giving us one more just-add-water product to mull over: craft beer.

Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther, brewers and owners of To Øl Brewery in Denmark, created instant craft beer by freeze-drying, during which liquids can go directly from ice to vapor. By using the freeze-drying method, Jensen and Gynther were able to isolate the dry matter of beer from the liquid, essentially getting rid of the water and the alcohol and keeping only the sugars, bitter compounds, and some flavor -- all in the form of powder.

In experimenting with the process, Jensen and Gynther have managed to "powderize" four different beers so far: "A heavy deep beer brewed with coffee, a fruity IPA brewed with different tropical fruits, a Wild Yeast hop forward IPAs, and a fairly dry pilsner."

But what's the point of powdered craft beer when you can have actual craft beer? According to Jensen and Gynther, it's all about having the opportunity to bring quality beer to the unlikeliest of places. Because, they ask, who wants to carry a sack full of IPAs' when climbing a mountain, or distribute their brew amongst a bunch of 3oz. containers just to get it through security at the airport?

Unfortunately, you'll have to climb mountains sans craft beer for a bit longer; To Øl Instant Craft Beer isn't quite ready to hit markets just yet. And while it sounds pretty cool in theory, it seems like there might still be some logistics to work out – like the fact that carrying To Øl Instant Craft Beer up a mountain doesn't seem like much of a solution to the "heavy backpack problem" if you still need to carry the bottles of sparkling water and alcohol to mix it with up there, too. But it's certainly a cool idea.

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