Bring your best food puns and most obscure pop culture references to the table.
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Fact: Twitter has an endless supply of ideas and opinions about pretty much everything, and food is no exception. So if you are seeking to invest in a new food business venture, look no further than the social media platform. Users are not only getting more and more creative with their ideas for food trucks but also with the names they're giving their would-be businesses.

Everything from clever food puns ("Naan of Your Business" and "Not All Heroes Wear Crepes") to pop culture references are on the menu. Scroll down to see our favorites, and remember, if any of these food trucks become a reality, we called it first!

1. We know what kind of music will be blasting from this one.

2. This one is for all you Kansas fans.

3. Prosper you will.

4. This one is basically an entire business plan.

5. We're fans of the name but can't really picture what the "funky modern version of gruel" would look like.

6. We'd be regulars here.


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