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Take Your Pizza Dough Beyond Pizza with These Recipes

A slice is nice, but there's so much more you can do with pizza dough beyond making a cheesy pie.

One ingredient, three ways! These recipes transform a standard pizza crust into party-perfect bread, a savory lamb dish, and even dessert. Try our go-to homemade pizza dough recipe or use store-bought. Pro tip: Often if you ask, you can buy dough from your favorite pizzeria. Each recipe starts with a pound of room-temperature dough and calls for different shapes and fillings, all with equally delicious results.

Photography by: Lennart Weibull

Meaty Main

Spiced-Lamb Pie

Our take on the Turkish flatbread known as pide turns up the volume on lamb with generous doses of cayenne pepper, cumin, and cinnamon. A garnish of red onion, fresh mint, and pine nuts adds color and flavor.


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Photography by: Lennart Weibull

Sweet Finish

Nutella & Banana Pockets

Take pizza pockets for a sweet spin by stuffing them with rich Nutella and sliced banana. They’re the perfect kid-friendly dessert or snack.


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Photography by: Lennart Weibull

For a Crowd

Cheesy Soppressata Pull-Apart Bread

We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like cheesy bread. We amp ours up with soppressata and spicy honey (we like Bee Local Hot Honey). Serve this at your next cocktail party, and we promise it will be gone in seconds.


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Watch Everyday Food host Sarah Carey demonstrate what a cinch this bread is to make: