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See How We Transformed a Plain Set of Window Curtains — 4 Different Ways

Stamp them, dip-dye them, or embellish them with tassels and pretty trims. The choice is up to you!

window dressing curtain four ways
Photography by: Aaron Dyer

Customized curtains are one of the simplest, most affordable ways to transform a room. Start with basic cotton or linen drapes, since natural fibers absorb dyes best. (We used IKEA Ritva curtains; $34 a pair, Then choose one of these techniques: Stamp them with circles made from the rim of a cup dipped in an ink pad (don't be too precious about it; imperfections look organic). Add an elegant iron-on trim. Dip-dye for an ombré effect. Or edge with fabric pom-poms.


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window dressing ink stamp pad silo
Photography by: Aaron Dyer

1. Stamp Them

Dip the rim of a glass in a fabric-safe ink pad and press on 3 or 4 slightly overlapping circles; then re-ink. Versacolor pigment ink, in Paprika, $7.75,


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window dressing trim silo
Photography by: Aaron Dyer

2. Embellish Them

Apply decorative stripes with iron-on adhesive tape. Stitch Witchery Prym Dritz heavy-duty tape, $3, Crochet trim (similar to shown), from $4 a yd.,

window dressing fabric dye silo
Photography by: Aaron Dyer

3. Tint Them

Prepare dye and fabric per package instructions. Dip bottom third of curtains into dye bath and air-dry. Audrey Louise Reynolds natural dye, in Pink, $40,


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Photography by: Aaron Dyer

4. Edge Them

Use iron-on adhesive tape to line the inside edge of a curtain with pom-pom trim. Add plain trim to front to cover seam. Pompom trim, 3/8", $2.50 a yd., Woven trim (similar to shown), from $12 a yd.,