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6 New Food Businesses to Watch Out For

We're all for supporting small businesses and helping them grow. Hats off to the Chobani Food Incubator which works with companies that fit their mission to bring delicious, nutritious, natural, and accessible food to all. Here are the first six new food businesses they're mentoring.

Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya and incubator participants


These days a growing number of people have nixed traditional durum wheat pasta to avoid the carbs or the gluten, and are using healthier alternatives such as spaghetti squash, spiralized zucchini, or even quinoa, which lacks the shape but packs a punch of protein. Banza's pasta is made from chickpeas which are naturally gluten-free and vegan, try it with tomato sauce or meatballs. Created by Brian and Scott Rudolph in Detroit, Michigan, Banza's mission is to show that home cooked meals should, and can, be affordable, convenient, and easy for anyone to cook.


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Cissé Cocoa Co.

The journey of Cissé Cocoa Co. begins with founder and CEO, Diana Lovett's love for chocolate and her passion for social justice. Lovett thought about starting a business that combined her two passions and would also help small cocoa growers to earn a living wage. After traveling from West Africa to Central America looking for the right cocoa she found FUNDOPO, an Organic, Fair Trade cooperative in the Dominican Republic. Their single-origin cocoa  beans are featured in all Cissé Cocoa products, which include hot cocoa blends, brownie thins, and baking mixes.


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Jar Goods

Started by sisters-in-law Melissa and Laura Vitelli, Jar Goods has a simple objective: provide consumers with tasty, pantry staple jarred foods. With an investment of just $150, they decided to hand bottle Pa Vitelli's regionally famous tomato sauce, branding it 'Classic Red,' and selling at farmers' markets and street fairs. They now sell a small line of sauces and hope to help busy families create quick, delicious meals and have time to spend together at the dinner table.


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Misfit Juicery

Food waste is a massive, ongoing issue. In the U.S., roughly 50 percent of produce is thrown out. On many occasions, produce is thrown away merely because it isn't deemed visually appealing. Misfit Juicery uses 70-80% recovered fruits and vegetables (ones considered not pretty enough for retail sale), no piece of produce is too oddly shaped or ripe to be used in their cold-pressed juices.

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Chops Jerky

It's a popular on-the-go snack, but not all beef jerky is of the same quality. That's what lead Chops Jerky creator, Dusty, to create a jerky from premium beef brisket that's flavored only with spices and has no added preservatives, nitrites, or MSG.

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Kettle & Fire

Brothers, Nick and Justin started to make bone broth because they wanted to drink it themselves: Justin follows a Paleo diet and he also wanted to find natural ways to assist Nick who was recovering after tearing his ACL. Kettle & Fire broths are made from the bones of cattle that are 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised and are hormone and antibiotic free. The only bones used are knuckle, patella, femur, neck and feet bones which have a high concentration of white and red stem-cell marrow, as well as high levels of collagen. The brothers attention to quality extends to the packaging, which is recyclable and made mainly of wood fibre -- a natural, renewable raw material, and also assures the broth doesn't spoil, even at room temperature.

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