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8 Surprising Ways Your Cat Says "I Love You"

For instance, a blink isn't necessarily just a blink.

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1. Kneading

Aww-worthy fact: If kitty gives you a massage with her paws, she thinks you're her mom. What could be a greater sign of love than that? According to John Bradshaw, anthrozoologist and author of "Cat Sense," felines learn the act of tender kneading from their mothers as kittens.


2. Tail in the air

Ever wonder what it means when your cat flicks her tail high in the air? It's certainly a nice gesture. Bradshaw states, "The upright tail is probably the clearest way cats show their affection for us." She's not being sassy when she extends her tailpiece; she simply wants to send a bit of love your way.


3. Rolling on her back

Similar to their canine counterpart, cats ask for scratches, too. Bradshaw says that when a cat hops up onto your lap or shows her belly, she wants to be rubbed. By allowing this, she's bolstering a positive connection with you. After all, she wouldn't let just anyone touch her.



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4. Brushing up against things

Your kitty is not necessarily pining for treats when she presses against you or random items in the home. "Rubbing their owners' legs or nearby objects indicates fondness," Bradshaw confirms. Next time, reach down and give her a good stroke in return.


5. Blinking slowly

According to pet experts, your cat is communicating something specific when she blinks lazily at you: attachment. This is because cats are on high alert, and to shut their eyes in front of another indicates a sense of total trust. By blinking listlessly, your furry friend is telling you that she recognizes you are not a threat — and in cat language, that's a serious statement of love. When she does this, blink back.


6. Smaller pupils

The eyes really are something to watch out for (pardon the pun). The Humane Society says that narrowed pupils indicate one happy and relaxed cat. On the other hand, dilated pupils mean she's bothered in her environment. In this case, it's best to give her space.


7. Curling the tail

That tail is very expressive. Experts say that when she curls it around you or other kitties, she's exuding sociability. So the next time you want to engage in a little TLC, twirl it with your fingers, and see how she responds. Depending on her mood, it may be in your favor!


8. Leaving "gifts" on your porch

Yes, really — your kitty is doing you a service by dropping a dead mouse or two on your doorstep. At least, she thinks she is. According to LiveScience, a cat takes on the position of mother and teacher by exhibiting her hunting skills to her owner, which is a sign she loves you... a lot. When this happens, say, "Thank you very much!" and only dispose of the body when she's not looking.


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