The good news: There is now a service that allows you to rent all your party equipment. The bad news is that the service is only available for LA residents.

Have you ever wanted to treat your friends to a backyard movie night, but immediately decided against it because of how much it would cost you (we know projectors are not cheap)?

Well now you can do of al these things and more for just $99 a year thanks to a company called Joymode. Here's how it works.

Joymode offers "experiences." What that means is you can "own the experience not the stuff." They offer fun packages like "Get Your Grill On" (everything you need for a backyard barbecue) or "Backyard Movie Night." You pick and reserve one of these packages online and they will deliver all the equipment to your house. Then all you need to do is... have fun. Easy, right? And most importantly, very convenient since you don't have to store anything in your garage so you can use it once or twice a year.

Maybe you really wanted to go camping but when you add up a big enough tent for your family, sleeping bags, etc., you end up with a bill that makes your head spin. To be exact, Joymode estimates all the gear would cost you $1,063. Your rental rate for the package, after the initial $99 fee, would be $89.

The company adds new experiences all the time and for an extra fee you can also add on more games or tools to your basic equipment.

The only catch is that the service is only available to LA residents. Please, PLEASE, expand soon, Joymode!

Meanwhile, let Martha show you what it's like inside a party rental company:


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