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Spiderweb-Etched Pumpkins

For this creepy-crawly design, a spider’s lair is carved into a pumpkin with a gouge or linoleum cutter so the orange flesh glows through.

spider web pumpkin

Photography: Kate Mathis

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Pumpkins
  • Gouge, Speedball linoleum cutter, $10 for a set of 5,
  • Elmer’s multipurpose spray adhesive, $7 for 4 oz.,
  • Silver glitter, Martha Stewart Crafts fine glitter, $10.50 for 4.58 oz.,


  1. Draw a spiderweb on a pumpkin with a marker, then go over lines with a gouge, cutting into surface.
    spiderweb pumpkin how-to
  2. Snip rings from plastic spiders. Coat spiders with spray glue. While glue is still wet, place spiders on a paper plate and coat with silver glitter.
  3. Attach spiders to pumpkin and stem with pins so they look as if they’re crawling all over their web.

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