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Metallic Copper-Leaf Pumpkins

These pumpkins are small and lumpy like gourds, which makes them perfect for autumnal arrangements that look stylish well past Halloween.

little pumpkin centerpiece

Photography: Kate Mathis

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Pumpkins
  • Metalworking sheets & awls, Martha Stewart Crafts sheets, $11, and awl, $14.50,
  • Gold paint, Martha Stewart Crafts multi‐surface metallic acrylic craft paint, $3 for 2 oz.,


  1. Place tape around base of pumpkin stems and paint stems with gold acrylic paint.
    copper pumpkin how-to
  2. Cut a leaf shape (with a long stem) out of a metal sheet; turn face-down. With small and large tips from an awl kit, press vein patterns and larger ridges into foil.
  3. Wrap stem of each leaf around a pumpkin stem, twisting ends into a spiral. Arrange pumpkins on a tray with lit votives.

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