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Marbleized Pumpkins

These boo-tiful creations come with whirly-swirly designs. And no craft paint required — these are decorated with nail polish.

Marbleized pumpkins for Halloween

Photography: Manal Aman

Source: Martha Stewart


When choosing a container, the size should be approximately double the circumference of your pumpkin. This will ensure that it is coated in color from top to bottom when dunked.


  • Plastic container
  • Stirring stick, such as a dotting tool for nails, tailor's awl, or bamboo stick (Tip: We found that a metal stick works better than a wooden one with nail polish, especially when creating thin swirls.)
  • Nail polish
  • White pumpkins


  1. Fill container with lukewarm water. With stirring stick, add drops of nail polish onto the surface of the water and let pigment spread out. Drag stick through nail polish to add swirls and create designs.
    A step-by-step process of making marbleized pumpkins for Halloween
  2. Submerge pumpkin in the water, letting it soak in the polish and then pull out.
  3. Let pumpkin dry on a pinboard drying rack or something similar to make cleanup easy.

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