A family of four upgrades their Bay Area home by completely gutting the interior. The home makeover resulted in an open floor plan flooded with natural light, partial addition, and modern touches paired with fresh and clean finishes.
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A classic San Francisco Queen Anne style home in the Eureka Valley neighborhood received a new modern look with an entire home makeover. With three bedrooms and two and a half baths, the owners of this single-family home were looking to modernize and partially expand their modest nest to make it more up to date for the family of four. From opening up the kitchen and relocating the bathroom to replacing all the wall finishes, lighting, flooring and windows, architect Patrick Perez, owner of Designpad Architecture, transformed this outdated Victorian home into a modern masterpiece.

Almost gutting the entire home, "the goal was to improve the flow to this space and improve upon indoor and outdoor living, and to flood the house with natural light," said Perez. On average, a project of this size typically costs around $750,000.

Before: A closed-off kitchen in need of an update

The existing kitchen and dining room were separated and consisted of multiple small rooms. "The plan was to do a small addition at the rear to open up the kitchen space and create a small sun room or den," said Perez. Lacking in style and flow, the closed-off kitchen was in need of an update both in appearance and function.

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After: An open floor plan with modern touches

The kitchen was completely renovated with all finishes redone, including custom cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. The result is an all-in-one kitchen with an open living space full of natural light that is perfect for cooking, dining, and entertaining.

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Before: A small dining room separated from the kitchen

The original dining room was right next to the kitchen, but closed off from the action. In order to create the open floor plan, the dining room and kitchen were combined.

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After: A space for both cooking and entertaining

Completely renovated with all finishes redone, the dining room connecting to both the kitchen and living space also includes a custom built-in bookcase and entertainment center.

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Before: A cramped entryway in need of some style

The original entryway featured an old-fashioned light fixture and wood railing.

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After: A step up in style

The entryway was updated with a new glass guardrail in replace of the wood one, topped off with an industrial light fixture, modern art piece, and bench.

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After: A modern living room with expansive windows

In the completely renovated living room, floor-to-ceiling glass windows were added to create a natural connection to the backyard.

While the addition occurred on the main level, the upper level also included multiple renovations. Two of the existing four small bedrooms were combined and converted into a walk-in closet and bathroom to create the new master suite. Another large part of this home makeover was in the backyard. What was once a large overgrown terraced garden sloping upward, is now a leveled lawn area perfect for playing.

With the help of Dromhus Construction, Designpad Architecture updated this subdued San Francisco abode into an expanded, modern space suitable for a family of four. The key to a successful transformation? Perez works on building a narrative with his clients on what a typical day at home would be like. "The key is to work with your clients to do your best to understand their goals and desires, and to try to get a good read on how they want to live in the space," says Perez. "Along with great clients with great taste!"

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Photos courtesy of Patrick Perez

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