Like it's sticking its bacon tongue out at you!

There are very few circumstances under which a burger sticking its tongue out at you sounds appetizing. And yet, Lotteria, the Japanese burger chain behind such wild creations as the burger with strawberry sauce, has made one such burger the star attraction of its new Halloween menu. And actually it doesn't sound too bad.

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A basic double cheeseburger at its core, the all new Purple Magic Bacon Double Excellent Cheeseburger has a few additions meant to make it a little scarier. This includes a glop of pinkish-purple sauce -- reportedly cheese sauce with a bit of blue potato powder for color -- and a long, smoked strip of bacon that is meant to make it look like the burger is a monster sticking its tongue out at you. And while the burger may not sound so much scary as it does just slightly odd, the fact that it's served up in a small coffin-shaped box with vampire fangs on the front certainly helps to drive the theme home.

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Lotteria's special Halloween menu is available between October 6 and October 31 and includes options like a shrimp burger with pumpkin sauce. The chain is also offering plenty of Halloween-themed packaging for classic menu items; jack-o-lantern and vampire bags for fries and Halloween-themed straw inserts, including a jack-o-lantern mouth and a cat's nose and whiskers. The Purple Magic Burger is probably the most imaginative item -- and it just might be our favorite spooky sandwich yet.

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