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The Latest Trend in Tiny Homes? Upcycled School Buses

A builder in Denver is turning old school buses into fully functional, eco-friendly mobiles homes.


School buses have long been used to shuttle kids home after class, and now these yellow vehicles are being turned into homes themselves! That's right -- one Denver-based builder is putting an upcycled spin on the tiny home craze, turning retired school buses into chic mobile homes.


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For around $27,000, Charlie Kurn can turn a bus into a fully livable, eco-friendly home, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and drop-down bed, as well as electricity and water. The best part? They are still working, drivable vehicles -- any adventurer's dream.




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“I love knowing that from where I am I could walk five or six feet, sit down in the driver’s seat, start the bus up and start driving,” Kern explained to Zillow. Kern initially converted a bus to address his own needs, but he's since constructed four additional houses for fellow explorers.