Straight from the forests of New England.
Credit: Bryan Gardner

One of the greatest things about the autumn season is the complete and utterly beautiful transformation that happens in nature. There's nothing like going for a stroll through the woods and enjoying the colorful spectacle that's happening all around you. Unfortunately, if you live in a big city where trees are not necessarily a large part of the urban environment, you are likely to miss that fall foliage... until now.

ShipFoliage has the brilliant idea to make available boxes of fall foliage from New England to everyone across the globe. That's right: You can get a piece of fall delivered straight to your door wherever you are in the world.

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Kyle Waring, a 27-year-old Bostonian, is behind this genius idea. He goes hiking with his wife Jessica every week in search for the perfect foliage. To give you an idea what that the perfect leaf is - it is "brilliantly colored and void of holes and discoloration." Waring told that he only uses 10 out of 100 leaves that he collects during his hikes. So you know that you are getting only the best of the best. For $19.99, you receive one red, one yellow, and one green or mixed leaf packed into a pretty evelope shipped via FedEx or USPS. He started the service on Tuesday and already has 50 orders to fill. Gathered by foliage experts, the maple leaves are all hand-curated and professionally preserved.

If you're wondering what you'd use the leaves for, we have a few ideas for you - you can create beautiful invites for a fall event you're hosting, use the foliage for an autumn-inspired photo shoot, or just create a pretty potpourri at home.

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