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5 Delicious Ways To Use Whole Pumpkins (No Jack-O-Lanterns Here!)

As summer breezes turn to autumnal blusters, fall decorations begin popping up everywhere. The pumpkin, that classic symbol of Halloween is one of our favorite vegetables to use in cooking and for decoration. From hearty stew to a cheesy bready party dish to a smoking punch bowl, whole pumpkins offer a wealth of uses edible and not. Here are 5 non-jack-o-lantern ways to use the entire gourd.


Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good

This cheesy, bready, pumpkin dish is an ideal fall appetizer for a potluck or party. The large gourd is scooped out and stuffed with a sensational combination of bread cubes, garlic, cheese, cream, and bacon. Fresh herbs and a dusting of nutmeg make this dish even more spectacular. Be warned: you'll be asked to make it again!

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White Bean and Sausage Stew in Pumpkin Bowls

Here, everyone gets their own pumpkin; little sugar pumpkins are cut open, scooped out, and filled with a hearty white bean, sausage, and potato stew.

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Pumpkin Soup Served In a Pumpkin Tureen

Rouge Vif d'Etampes, Cinderella, or cheese pumpkin are what you need for this recipe, for making the soup and for serving.

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Stuffed Pumpkin Stew

One big cheese pumpkin makes a dramatic serving vessel for a chicken, chestnut, apple, and root vegetable stew. Served with the stem on top, this hearty dish is the ultimate autumnal meal. After you've served the stew, slice the pumpkin up and serve it too.

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Pumpkin Punch Bowl

Not only do pumpkins make excellent soup bowls, they're fabulous as homemade punch bowls! This spectacular double pumpkin punch bowl stays cold with dry ice: fill with wine and beer bottles and guests will be refreshed -- and amazed.