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Goodbye, Coffee Sludge! Espro Is Making the French Press Better and More Accessible Than Ever

Whether you’re a coffee geek or novice, this next-level French press might be the coffee maker for you.

The P7 model of the Espro French press

Looking for a reliable coffee maker for your first apartment? Sick of the pour-over brewing method? It might be time to take another look at the French press, especially now that Canadian company Espro has given the classic device a serious upgrade. According to president and co-founder Bruce Constantine, the goal was to create a French press that “would produce grit-free coffee, stay hot, and stop extraction.”


This trifecta was achieved through a few major innovations. First, a sophisticated dual filter that’s 9 to 12 times finer than standard French press filters, and second, a press design that prevents over-extracted coffee from entering the beverage once the plunger is pushed down. Espro also has the only double-walled vacuum-insulated presses in the industry. If that all sounds like complicated coffee geek-speak to you, the most important takeaway is that it works! The result is a richly flavored, super aromatic cup of coffee without the usual silt in the bottom. The press isn't just for coffee, either -- there's also a tea filter available that isolates tea leaves to prevent oversteeping


Espro was inspired by Constantine’s longtime obsession with coffee. He’s the kind of person who wishes restaurants' coffee menus were as long as their wine lists. He says, “Espro was born because I was crazy passionate about coffee. My grandmother grew up in Costa Rica -- her uncle had the monopoly on the coffee export business back then -- and she would always bring us beans when she came to visit.”


This early coffee exposure clearly had an impact on Constantine. He spent his first paycheck on fancy espresso gear, then ultimately left his job as a management consultant to find a better way to brew his favorite beverage. What started as a passion project in his garage more than a decade ago has grown into the company now taking the coffee and tea world by storm. Espro won the "Best New Product" award at both the Specialty Coffee Association of America Expo and the World Tea Expo earlier this year. A long way from the first prototype, the Espro press currently comes in several different models (including a travel version!).