Halloween spending is expected to reach a record high of $8.4 billion in 2016.

Halloween is Martha's absolute favorite holiday, and it looks like she's not alone! According to the National Retail Federation's annual survey, more than 171 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year and are forecasted to spend a total of $8.4 billion, an all-time high in the survey's history. On an individual level, this breaks down to an average of $82.93 per person, which is up from $74.34 last year.

Americans will allocate the most money for costumes, $3.1 billion, followed by candy ($2.5 billion), decorations ($2.4 billion), and greeting cards ($390 million). The survey also delved into people's Halloween habits. 71 percent of consumers plan to hand out candy, 49 percent will decorate their home or yard, 47 percent will dress in costume, 46 percent will carve a pumpkin, 34 percent will throw or attend a party, 30 percent will take their children trick-or-treating, 21 percent will visit a haunted house, and 16 percent will dress their pets in costume.

We weren't polled for this survey, but we're sure the numbers would be much higher if we were. We'll definitely be participating in all of these activities. You can, too, and save some money to boot with all of our DIY Halloween tips! We've got you covered with costume ideas galore for kids and adults, indoor and outdoor decoration inspiration, and Halloween party tricks and treats.


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