And the main reason why will not really surprise you.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 34 and live in New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut, there is a strong chance that you still live with your parents. But don't worry -- approximately a third of your peers across the country do, too.

According to new U.S. Census Bureau data, 34 percent of millennials nationwide co-habit with their mom and dad. And these numbers are even more staggering at state level. With 47 percent, New Jersey is the "winner" of millennials living at home, followed by Connecticut and New York. And, if you have ever had to search for an apartment or house in any of those three states, you will most probably not be surprised by these numbers -- high real estate prices are pretty much the main reason why young people are not being able to afford to move out of their childhood homes.

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According to another study by Pew Research Center, fewer people are getting married before they turn 35 and that contributes to this phenomenon. Add into the mix lower employment rates and lower wages and you get the full picture.

"Given the weak job opportunities facing young adults, living at home is part of the private safety net helping young adults to weather the economic storm," Pew Research Center senior economist Richard Fry told "The New York Times."

If you are wondering which states have the lowest rates of millennials living with their parents, it's North Dakota (14 percent) and Washington D.C. (16.6 percent).


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