Use them as a healthy, flavorful side dish or salad topping.
Credit: Bryan Gardner

Here's our cheat sheet to roasting any vegetable in under one hour (some are ready in just 25 minutes!). These caramelized beauties are the perfect building blocks for all kinds of fall meals, especially when paired with our bright condiments (more on them below). As a general rule, for every two pounds of vegetables, mix them with two to three tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil, then season with salt and pepper. Spread the vegetables in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet. Roast in a 425°F oven, flipping once, until tender and golden brown. Pro tip: Since all ovens and vegetables are different, begin checking for doneness at the early end of the suggested cooking time.

25-35 Minutes

Pressed for time? Choose one of these vegetables, which roast in just about 30 minutes, to round out your dinner plate.

  • Parsnips: To prepare this root vegetable for roasting, peel each parsnip entirely. Cook them whole or cut thicker ends in half for even cooking.
  • Onions: Whether you're working with white, yellow, or red onions, remove the skin and cut into four even wedges before roasting.
  • Mushrooms: Before putting mushrooms in the oven, wash them thoroughly and trim the stems to remove any dirt or ragged edges. Cook them whole or halved, if large.
  • Brussels sprouts: Prep Brussels sprouts by removing the outer, dark green leaves, which taste particularly bitter. Roast whole or halved if large.
  • Cherry tomatoes: They don't need much work—a quick rinse is all it takes before roasting cherry tomatoes whole with olive oil, salt, and pepper.
  • Cauliflower and broccoli: Part of the Brassica family, these two vegetables can be prepared exactly the same way—cut into florets or into thick planks.

35-45 Minutes

Hearty root vegetables like carrots or potatoes, winter squash, and late summer eggplants take a bit more time to roast. Here's exactly how to prep them.

  • Carrots: Peel them and either roast whole or cut in half if they're large.
  • Winter squashes: Butternut, acorn, or other winter squash can be roasted unpeeled or peeled; halved, cut into wedges, or diced; and with the seeds removed.
  • Eggplants: Start by cutting the eggplant into one-inch-thick slices or wedges. Next, sprinkle generously with salt and let sit for 30 minutes, which will remove excess moisture. Finally, rinse, pat dry, and roast.
  • Fennel: With its anise-like flavor and pale green color, fennel is spectacular when roasted. All you need to do is trim the fronds off and cut into wedges, removing the tough core.
  • Potatoes: One of the most classic roast vegetables, potatoes are incredibly versatile. Scrub thoroughly, then peel them or leave the skin on. For smaller varieties like new potatoes, leave them whole. Russet or Yukon gold potatoes should be quartered.
  • Cabbages: Savoy, green, or red cabbage, all you need to do is cut this vegetable into wedges or planks and roast.

45-60 Minutes

These two vegetables should be roasted in aluminum foil so they don't lose too much moisture. Purple beets also tend to bleed their deep red hue, so the aluminum foil will help to contain the color.

  • Garlic: No need to remove the outer skin of garlic! Remove the top third of the bulb, then drizzle with oil, wrap in foil, and roasted until tender.
  • Beets: No need to peel beets in advance, it's much easier to when they're warm (just use a towel to rub the beets and remove the skin). Scrub their exterior thoroughly, drizzle with oil, season with salt and pepper, wrap in foil, and roast until tender.

Delicious Drizzles

To make a meal out of roasted vegetables, serve them with an array of tongue-tingling condiments. Try this Hazelnut-Cilantro Chermoula for dipping—it's packed with a flavorful combination of hazelnuts, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cilantro, and orange zest. Marinated Feta and Celery will pair particularly well with fragrant fennel or juicy cherry tomatoes for a Mediterranean-inspired bite. Serve this Caper Tapenade alongside roasted potatoes, cauliflower, or broccoli (of course it would be delicious with any type of vegetable!). Another stand-out accoutrement is Pickled Red Onions and Olives.


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