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Floating Paper Ghost Decorations

These ethereal apparitions are made to look like they're floating on air — but secretly, they're hanging from monofilament.

fringe ghosts

Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Starting with a single sheet of tissue, fold it into thirds length-wise. Fringe the bottom 2" using the Fringe Cutter, then use a craft knife to trim ½" above the fringe creating a 2.5" strip. Continue to fringe 2" off the bottom and trim as you go. You will need about 14 strips of fringe.
    fringe ghosts supplies
  2. With the remaining sheet of tissue, create a fringe skirt for the ghost. Using double-sided tape, adhere the strips of fringe to the sheet, layering from the bottom to the top, with a 1" overlap. Cut off an undulating line off the bottom using scissors.
    fringe ghosts
  3. Tape the skirt at the mid-section of the assembled accordion lantern. Double-side tape strips of fringe onto the exposed accordion folds working your way up on either side, covering the entire lantern.
    fringe ghosts
  4. Cut out eyes and a mouth from cardstock and tape onto one side.

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