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Is This the Most Beautiful Food Calendar of 2017?

We think so! Take a look at these stunning images of farmers and other food workers in Southeast Asia.

Lavazza/Denis Rouvre

If you were in Turin, Italy this week, among the many glorious things you could do would be visit an exhibition of the work of celebrated French photographer Denis Rouvre. Sponsored by Italian coffee giant Lavazza as part of their ongoing partnership with Slow Food, the exhibit displays a series of hauntingly beautiful photos titled “We Are What We Live,” which is the third and final part of Lavazza’s Earth Defenders project.


But if you're not in Turin, you can see these photographs online and buy the limited-edition calendar on the Slow Food website. Proceeds will benefit Terra Madre (Slow Food) projects.

Lavazza/Denis Rouvre

The photos celebrate coffee farmers, honey hunters, molasses harvesters, and other producers in India, Laos, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, and the symbiotic relationship between humans and their natural environment. In the calendar, Rouze takes this a step further; it is 12 sets of photos displayed side by side. One side is the face of a man or woman. On the other is a place, a landscape, that represents the environment in which they live and the nature in which they work. The two halves -- humans and the environment -- appear overlaid and shaped by each other: each portrait is also a landscape, and each landscape ends up being a portrait.


Gives you something to think about as your morning coffee brews?