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Here's Why Everything in Your Home Is a Certain Size

Fact -- most kitchen counters in the US are 36 inches tall and 25 inches deep, and the cabinets usually stand 18 inches above them. But why?!

Photography by: Johnny Miller

Ever been into another person's home and wondered why -- unless there was major renovation done -- all houses kind of look the same?  Well, it all started in the 1920s in Germany.


Inspired by the introduction of standard office paper size, modernist architect Ernst Neufert had an aha moment -- We should have standard sizes for everything else?!



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So, he created the Octametric Brick, a masonry unit that would replace all other brick sizes in Germany and that would become the basis for the standard dimensions of most other home items. The idea was that if the dimensions of everything in your house was divisible by one-eighth of a meter, you will no longer have trouble fitting anything. It's like the game Tetris -- the shapes are different but they are all constructed out of cubes.

Decades later, the Octametric Brick system was adopted by architects and interior designers all over the world as an easy and effective way to construct and design buildings.


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