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We're Seriously Jealous of This Awesome Closet-Turned-Garden

It's actually much easier than we thought.


Air plant nation. It'll be time to water these soon.

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For those of us who live in small apartments in the big city, the thought of living amongst lush greens doesn't really seem like a real possibility. At least until now.


Meet Summer Rayne Oakes, a marketing professional living in New York City. Oakes told The Huffington Post she turned her closet into an indoor garden that now has 15 different types of plants including microgreens, curry leaves, cumin, sage, potatoes, ginger, tomatoes, squash, a banana tree, and a lemon tree.


And while this does sound impressive, she claims that you don't need any fancy equipment or a degree in agro-engineering to do the same. All it took Oakes was some shelves, an Agromax LED Grow Light, soil, compost, and a lot of love.


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Clutch? She has a watering system with a timer that waters the plants during the day while she is away at work.


"I think that growing your own food makes you appreciate food more," says Oakes. "So in the event that you might not throw it away because you grew it, I think that will help people recognize that food is too good to waste and encourage people to actually grow their own food."


We're sold! Anybody want to give us a lift to Home Depot this weekend? 


Watch the video to find out how she did it: