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These Alien Saucer Houses Actually Existed in the 1960s

In all their retro grandeur.

futuro home interior

Ah, the 60s! The decade of miniskirts, hippies, and go-go boots will forever stand out in history with its delightful quirkiness. Unsurprisingly, it was again the 60s that blessed us with the invention of the Futuro House and for that we are forever grateful.


Originally designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen as a ski cabin, these plastic homes were really meant to look like something out of a sci-fi movie. The portable UFO homes were quickly adopted across the globe because of their adabtability and, well...everyone at the time was obsessed with the Space Race. Also, why have a 'normal' house when you can have one that looks like an alien spaceship, amiright?!


Unfortunately, as fun as they were on the outside, it was exactly their odd architecture that ultimately led to their demise. The UFO homes didn't, well, quite fit in. Futuro Houses were banned in some areas!


Then, in 1973, the oil crisis caused the price of plastic to skyrocket. This pretty much meant the end of these alien homes.



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taiwan futuro suuronen

Nowadays, there are still a few left around the world and the website is tracking all of them. Check out their map and see if there is one near you.






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