And all of them were glittery, glamorous, and absolutely genius.
Advertisement hosted the first-ever NYFW show for Halloween costumes.

Today is the last day of New York Fashion Week where since September 8 designers have been showing the clothes and accessories we'll all be wearing next spring. But for one brand, the event wasn't about inspiring your everyday outfits; it was all about inspiring your Halloween costume., the e-boutique famous its lingerie offerings, showed 39 costumes in the first runway show entirely dedicated to Halloween in the history of NYFW. Attendees were greeted with Halloween buckets filled with candy (of course). And the show's trick-or-treat outfits varied from emojis to goddesses to a Snapchat filter-inspired dog mask that even we admit is "pawsitively" adorable.

And since it's NYFW, it's all about the trends. Pilar Quintana of gave the International Business Times her inside scoop on what will be trending costumes for Halloween this year. So if you were looking for a costume to wow everyone this year, look no further.

Glamorous Goddess

And why not? You already are one IRL. Here, Martha is draped in a gauzy silk-organza shawl, wears gilded leaves in her hair, and carries an urn filled to the brim with gold-leafed pomegranates and apples. A sweep of gold shimmer eye shadow simply enhances her beauty.

DIY: The Golden Goddess Costume


Everyone's favorite mythical beauty is back and making big waves this Halloween. We could have easily predicted this after "aquatic" was deemed the new black in the fashion world and mermaid crowns became the new floral crown. Our version is straight from the fashion world, courtesy of "Project Runway" star and designer Christian Siriano.

DIY: The Mermaid Costume


We're just all aflutter for this costume idea. On the runway, the model wore a winged cape. Our version is decidedly more small-scale but makes an Instagram-worthy impression.

DIY: The Madame Butterfly Costume
Credit: Glen Glasser


Meet the Harlequin: a centuries-old character from improvisational European theater known for her clownish behavior, acrobatics, and brightly colored clothes. Sound familiar? But she's not just a comic book villainess come to life. We saw more than a few kooky jester-like models strut the runway. Our version is fun, simplified: all you need is an ordinary white button-down shirt and iron-on diamond shapes cut from colored fabric to recreate this trendy look.

DIY: The Harlequin Costume
Credit: Anna Williams

Little Riding Hood

Riding Hood has never looked so chic. Her gown is a length of crimson jersey with a hole for her neck and a wide ribbon at the waist; the namesake hood is made from the same material. She couldn't run through the woods in these heels, but they look glamorous for a night out nevertheless. Even better, they're just inexpensive open-toed pumps coated with glitter.

DIY: The Little Red Riding Hood Costume


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