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5 Trendy Foods That Diners Still Can’t Get Enough Of

You haven’t seen the last of avocado toast or Sriracha.

In the world of food trends, it can feel like everyone is racing to try the hot new dish (and post it on Instagram for bragging rights, of course). But according to Zagat’s latest National Dining Trends survey, some foods are still a big deal long after they first explode onto the scene. For the 9,865 diners polled across the country, these are the five foods with staying power.

Photography by: Romulo Yanes

1. Avocado Toast

No surprise here -- people are still obsessed with the simple combination of crusty bread and creamy avocado. 33 percent of diners say they “love” it, which is up from 24 percent last year. If you’re a fan, try our amped-up version with coconut oil, red-pepper flakes, and lemon.


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2. Ramen

The Japanese comfort food hasn’t peaked yet -- 31 percent of survey respondents are still happily slurping. Whip up our classic shoyu ramen and you’ll see why.


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3. Sriracha

The Thai hot sauce isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Restaurants are using it every which way, and 31 percent of diners are still feeling the love. We love adding it to everything from butter and marinara sauce to chicken wings and deviled eggs.


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Photography by: Bryan Gardner

4. Pork Belly

31 percent of respondents can’t resist this rich, luscious cut of the other white meat. We can’t either, especially if it’s glazed in a sweet-and-spicy sauce or rolled into porchetta.


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Photography by: Sylvie Becquet

5. Fresh Juices in Cocktails

A whopping 63 percent of diners (or in this case, imbibers) are all for fresh juice-based cocktails. We completely agree that it’s a delicious way to showcase booze. Looking for ideas for your next happy hour? Try our favorite tiki cocktails that swap out the usual canned mixes, powdered flavorings, and cloyingly sweet liqueurs for fresh juices and fruits.


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