Trips to the supermarket are getting a lot more personal.
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Being a mom in the age of Instagram, YouTube, and Pokemon Go is a little (by which we obviously mean a LOT) different than being a mom long before family photos were upgraded with filters and flooded with hashtags. But the one thing that stays the same is that moms then and now want the best for their kids. Which would explain why moms today, part of a millennial generation often dubbed the "foodie generation," are cracking down on the food industry and demanding transparency when it comes to the items lining grocery store shelves.

This interest in food transparency comes as part of a wave of health consciousness that has more or less taken over the food world. Maybe you won't be surprised that 60 percent of millennial moms check the ingredients and nutrition facts of foods before buying them, according to the GfK MRI 2015 Doublebase study on consumerism. From the revamped nutrition labels on food earlier this year to brands' commitment to highlighting benefits like "gluten-free" or "all-natural" right on the front of their packaging, health and total clarity have become priorities in the food industry as companies and the FDA look for ways to respond to this increasing demand from moms (and people in general) to know -- really know -- what's going on their plates.


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