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This Dad Surprises His Daughter With a Lunch Note Drawing Every Day

He's drawn more than 600 custom cartoons so far, including a magical Mickey Mouse.


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If there was an official Dad of the Year award Rob Biddulph would be a very serious contender for it. The London-based illustrator and designer won over our hearts with the most loving gesture to his daughter.


When his daughter Poppy was transitioning from nursery to primary school, Biddulph decided to surprise her by hiding a cute post-it note in her lunch on her first day at the new school. The result? "That evening she asked what I was going to draw for the following day. Six hundred post-its later we're still going," he said in an interview with


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As you can imagine, coming up with new characters to draw after three years is not an easy task. "I often don't have much time to think in the mornings between getting their breakfast, tying ponytails and making sure they get their teeth brushed," Biddulph added. Rob and his wife have two more daughters.


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Today Poppy gets a bona fide #LOONEYTUNES hero for her #PackedLunchPostIt. Pepé le Pew

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But he has no intention of giving up his daily ritual. So far he's drawn characters from Star Wars, Pixar, and Looney Tunes... even a Christmas advent calendar.


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"So I like to have a theme these days which dictates what I draw," he explained. "For example, we've recently done all the Disney films in chronological order. That kept us going for a few months!"


But he remains humble. "I get all the credit for the drawings when she's the one that actually makes the sandwiches!" Biddulph said of his wife. We think any parent would agree: It's all about team work!


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Check out more of his daily lunch notes at his Instagram or follow #packedlunchpostit!