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This New App Allows You to 'Try On' Furniture Before Buying It

We all know how stressful and frustrating furnishing a new home, or even just one room, can be. After several inspiration boards on Pinterest and countless furniture catalogues, you only have a theoretical idea of what is it that you want! What you need is a way to see the furniture in action. Lucky for you, there's now an app for that!

Before investing a lot of money into furniture you're not even sure will look good in your space, try visualizing everything with Modsy.




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Modsy was founded by a husband/wife duo, who just like us, at some point in their life experienced the frustration of having to stylishly furnish a house on their own. And that's how the idea of an app, which does 3D rendering of your spaces, was born.



Here's how it works. First, you take a Style quiz that would give the designers at Modsy (there's a real person behind each design concept) an idea of the styles you like, then you take a few snaps of your rooms and the app creates an interactive model that Modsy's stylists redesign. If you like any of the furniture they have featured, you can purchase them through the app. 


Even though the app is not free, the packages start at $99 for a room which is nothing compared to the thousands of dollars the advice of a professional interior designer would cost you.


Design away!



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