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Confetti-Decorated Party Tray

It's all the fun of confetti — minus the mess! And it's all done in three simple steps.

confetti tray

Photography: Andrew Ingalls

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Using fringe scissors, fringe strips of varying colors of tissue and mylar. Use the all-purpose scissors to trim the fringe into ½" confetti pieces. Collect your pieces and set aside.
    confetti tray steps
  2. Using decoupage medium, apply a layer onto the back of the clear tray. While still wet, sprinkle the confetti all over the medium.
    confetti tray
  3. With a smaller brush, go over the confetti with a light coat of decoupage seal it on, adjusting the spacing between the pieces if needed; let medium completely dry.
    confetti tray steps

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