This decorating idea has no tricks — just treats. Entice your visting ghouls and goblins (of all ages) to grab a handful of sweets from this carved candy display.
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stencil pumpkin

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

stencil pumpkin
Step 1

Using a craft knife, carefully cut a hole approx. 4.5" in diameter toward the top center half of the large funkin.

stencil pumpkin
Step 2

Paint the outer surface of the funkin in Beetle Black, and the edges of the opening in Plum; let paint completely dry.

stencil pumpkin
Step 3

Cut apart the silkscreen stencil letters to spell out your message. Adhere silkscreens to the funkin surface framing the hole, and pounce Gray Wolf over the stencils. Remove silkscreens and wash in warm water. (Tip: Blot pouncer onto a paper towel before paint application).

Step 4

Optional: Paint and stencil an additional Halloween funkin to pair with your candy bowl.


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