New This Month

Soon You Will No Longer Have to Do Any Housework

We know some of you loooooooove cleaning, but really, even you tireless tidiers wouldn't mind a hand with chores every once in a while. 


What if we told you that there is a robot that will do everything for you so you can finally sign up for that art class you've been meaning to take. What if you had a robot that would fold your laundry, another that would make the beds, and yet another that would mow the lawn?



CBS is reporting that there is a boom in new gadgets that will do all of your chores for you.


For example, FoldiMate Family, can fold up to 20 items per minute. If you can fold laundry faster than that, we definitely want to meet you! 




Or how about a Roomba for your windows? Yes. No more squeegees or trapeeze acts out of windows. "The only thing Winbot does is clean windows, leaving them shining and spotless." How could you say no to such dedication?




And finally, you're neighborhood teen is going to have to find a new part time job. With the Husqvarna Automower, the grass is always greener



Better days are coming, we tell you.