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Scientific Proof Why a Messy Room Can Interfere With Your Beauty Sleep

As you may already know, your mom was right!

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Here at Martha Stewart, we extoll the virtues of a tidy room.* We encourage you to get rid of things! We help you hide knick-knacks in plain sight! We’re all about the simple life, which requires simple living. And finally the world agreed: a new study published in the journal Sleep suggests that there is a link between “too much stuff” and “too little sleep.” The study examined hoarding tendencies and sleep practices, finding that those who were at high risk of hoarding also displayed evidence of poor sleep. What’s that, you say? A cluttered room might not be the best for your sleep? Well, it looks like we were right all along -- not that we needed proof.


The fact of the matter is we are products of our environment. If our environment is unfocused, we will also be unfocused. This leads to a whole slew of other issues: we won’t able to make decisions or forget about that one embarrassing moment in middle school. And then we won’t be able to sleep!


This isn’t exactly new news, either. A study published by the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health in 2006 found that stress is related to impaired sleep. And we -- at least we here at Martha Stewart -- associate stress with clutter.


No, it’s not your imagination: all those socks on the floor are actually driving you crazy. Trust us -- decluttering your home will make you feel better. And now we have the science to back it up!


Looks like science is finally catching up with Martha Stewart.


*Note: All Martha Stewart Editors sleep very well every night.