Made with foam letters, this bright floral decoration is lightweight enough to hang from a doorway or even float in a swimming pool. Make a single standalone letter, or craft an entire sign.
diy floral monogram step 4

This beautiful floral project comes from Crowns by Christy. 


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

diy floral monogram step 1
Step 1

Prep your sign by deciding the layout of flowers on your foam letter. (Tip: For a balanced mix of flowers, it helps to start with bigger blooms and fill in the gaps with smaller blooms.)

diy floral monogram step 2
Step 2

Trim the stems off of the flowers, allowing the blooms to lay flat. (Tip: larger blooms that sit flat like daisies and mums work best.) 

diy floral monogram step 3
Step 3

Using straight pins, pin each bloom to the foam letter, one by one, until the letter is covered in flowers.

diy floral monogram step 4
Step 4

Reinforce with pins as needed.

blooming en blanc party floating letters
Step 5

When each letter is finished, you can string them together using monofilament to create a floating sign (or in our case, the hashtag to our #BloomingenBlanc summer party). Monofilament is also then used to anchor the floating hashtag to the edges of either side of the pool.


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