12 Home Office Ideas That Are Functional and Beautiful

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For as wonderful as hybrid working is, staying motivated while you work from home—your place of comfort—can be difficult. That's why it's so important to create a home office space that keeps you inspired throughout the day.

"Designing a home office is about inspiring the person who will be working within the space," says Caroline Grant of Dekar Design. "It should be a place that they actually want to spend eight hours a day in."

From choosing a paint color that stimulates creativity to selecting furniture pieces that align with your workflow, there are plenty of ways you can forge a savvy and stylish home office. Here, we're sharing several ideas that will turn your home office into a more productive place in no time.

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Decorate Your Desk Supplies

painted utensil cups with paint brushes and colored pencils
Frank Frances

Organization goes a long way when it comes to making your home office work for you. "Don't forget to invest in organizational accessories to keep the area clean and free of clutter—your mind needs some space to breathe, too," says Dolores Suarez of Dekar Design. Keep pens and pencils contained in these these toile-wrapped desk cups. Simply cover recycled metal cans or glass vases with romantic French-toile fabric in a few pretty patterns, and drop in your daily tools. Easy organization and inspiration? Now that's just genius.

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Add Wallpaper

home office colorful wall built in shelves
Aaron Leitz

The best part about decorating your home office is that you can tailor it completely to your design aesthetic. One way to layer in your favorite colors is by utilizing wallpaper—cover your entire home office with an option that calls to you or use it to make an accent wall for a subtle pop.

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Build a Folding Desk

DIY Pull Down Desk
Ngoc Minh Ngo

What's more space-savvy than a fold-down-desk that keeps office clutter hidden from plain sight? Create your own by aligning a piece of plywood with the shelf of a book organizer. Then screw two desk hinges into the desk and to the shelf to keep it in place.

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Install a Corner Desk

corner desk with stool
Frank Frances

Land the coveted corner office right at home—even if it occupies only a couple of square feet in the kitchen. You can replicate this custom-made nook by mounting a small floating shelf or made-to-measure surface on the wall, then adding a curvy wooden shelf bracket or two, painted to match. The decorative detail gives it the look of built-in cabinetry and lends stylish storing. Tuck a stool underneath to complete your mini-but-mighty command station.

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Create a Wall Organizer

clutter control home storage
Pernille Loof

You can easily make a wall organizer with a radiator screen—its graphic pattern and polished finish has more design potential than a basic bulletin board. It provides a convenient place to hang your calendar, tools, and other office supplies where you can always see them.

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Choose Functional Furniture

plaid chair at wooden desk in home office
Haris Kenjar

Choosing pieces that look great is always fun, but you should prioritize function over form when it comes to furniture. "Always consider your workflow and what you will need in the space before deciding on furniture," says Caroline Grant of Dekar Design. "An eye-catching lounge chair might look nice but how much is it going to help your productivity?"

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Incorporate Color

Aaron Dyer

Energize your home office by integrating some vibrant paint into your space. Doing so helps to create an uplifting area you'll actually want to work in. "We always suggest painting a home office in an energizing color, other than beige or white," says Suarez. "The color of your office can affect your mood and creativity."

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Bring in Natural Light

black canary cage in office
Marcus Nilsson

A good view goes a long way in an at-home workspace. Take a cue from Martha's home office and position your desk so it faces a window for exposure to natural light. No window? Use LED bulbs that mimic daylight and take frequent outdoor breaks.

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Hang Artwork

gray desk in home office
Kana Okada

Why settle for a blank wall or sterile workspace when you can hang art and some of your favorite photos to help you stay inspired throughout the day? Create a gallery wall with several frames and pieces of artwork to personalize your space.

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Add Natural Greenery

hanging baskets in white room
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Never underestimate the power of well-placed houseplants in your home office. Not only are they a stunning a design element, but studies have found that exposure to plants reduces anxiety and improves focus.

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Choose Elevated Desk Accessories

pink tray with office equipment and supplies
Kana Okada

It's not all black-and-white notebooks and plastic pens. You'll feel better and more inspired when you're working with elevated supplies that fit your home office aesthetic.

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Organize Your Paperwork

hanging folders
Kate Mathis

Paperwork can quickly clutter your desk when it's not filed away properly, but filing cabinets can also be major space takers. Instead, consider hanging folders from hooks on an easy access grid. It provides a stylish place to stow away stray papers without using up desk or floor space.

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