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Aww! Watch This Hamster Climb a DIY "Super Mario Bros." Maze

The YouTube video has over 1 million views so far.


This just in: We're calling Yutako of Tokyo, Japan, the Hamster Maze DIYer of The Year. 


When her daughter asked if they could construct a maze for their little Djungarian hamster, Yutako was inspired to recreate a miniature Super Mario Bros. stage — Mario hat, and all. She recently shared the footage on YouTube, and it's quickly racking up views. In the 38-second clip, you see the cute little creature wearing a teeny-tiny Mario hat, trying to score points, scrambling in and out of a warp pipe, waddling over stairs, hopping over a pit, and hitting the flag to complete the level. Oh, and it's all filmed with the classic "boing" "woomp-woomp" and "ta-da!" video game sound effects to boot.


According to the maker, the two-level diorama was made with basic items from the dollar store, and she plans to build another hamster maze with behind-the-scenes how-to steps this time. And honestly? We can't wait to see what she comes up with for Stage 2! In the meantime... we'd love a pattern for that Mario hamster hat, please.