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How to Build a Dream Home Office...Out of Your Closet!

So many of us are working from home and really need to have a proper office but lack the space needed to create such a luxury. If you get creative the answer might just be in hiding in your overstuffed closet.

closet office

After running the numbers I realized how much cheaper a storage unit is than office space. So out went the winter coats and extra luggage and in went everything needed to create a fully functioning office. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your space.



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The Right Desk

Weather you are a blogger or an attorney a great desk is essential to making this whole home office thing work seamlessly. For this desk, I really wanted an adjustable height option but I wasn't sure one would fit in my limited space. After more research than I would like to admit I finally fount an automatic sit/ stand desk that actually fit my space and looked great. Don't you love when something actually checks all the boxes? I also got an arm for the computer monitor so I could adjust the height and my neck has never been happier.


The Best Chair. Like, THE Best.

You could spend more time looking for a desk chair than a house, I certainly did. They should only sell office chairs during Halloween most of them are that scary. I finally found a great option in this mid century design with saddle brown leather and chrome accents. When you are looking for a desk chair you need the perfect balance of something that looks great in the space and is also comfortable. And since this office is in a closet the chair fits completely under the adjustable desk when it is on a high setting so the doors can close completely. Thats why this room feels like a swiss army knife it serves so many functions in a small space (did I mention its also the guest room?)



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The Details

To give this tiny space a bit of polish and make it feel like an actual room I added this very simple 2 inch wood trim to the edges of the shelves. It really defines the space and creates a nice clean line, for an added bonus I installed an LED light strip under it which gives the shelves much needed extra light. The rest of the lighting had been two recessed cans, I switched out one for a versatile track light with three lights on it. You cannot under estimate the power of proper lighting in a workspace, it really can change everything.

Just to keep things interesting the closet is also home to an access panel to get under the house, I added mirror to it so it felt more like a window. I also have the desk on casters so it can easily be moved to get under the house. When all the dust had settled it was time to add some personal touches. I used some family photos in mixed frames and a few favorite books with little "moments" to break it up. A great scented candle to create freshness. I also like an easy to care for succulent is great to add a natural element. What space do you have at home that could be converted into a little nook to get some work done?


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