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Cellars at Jasper Hill: 2012 American Made Honoree

Andy and Mateo Kehler started Jasper Hill Farm in 2003—the genesis of their effort to find meaningful work in a place they love.

Andy and Mateo Kehler

Andy Kehler & Mateo Kehler


Greensboro, Vermont

Cellars at Jasper Hill 

Andy and Mateo Kehler have gone underground. After apprenticing with several local and international farmstead cheesemakers and perfecting their own artisanal cheeses, the brothers built a cave: the cellars at Jasper hill. Of the network of seven climate-controlled rooms that required hauling away more than 2,000 truckloads of rock, Mateo says, “I think the basic formula is dig a big hole, dump in money, and bury it.” The investment lets them produce rich blue and washed-rind soft cheeses. It also lets them serve as finishers for other local dairy farmers, who would otherwise never have access to a cave: Jasper Hill provides the space and the staff who hand-turn the cheeses. The results are on par with the best offerings from abroad—and challenge any ideas about super-market products: Cabot’s award-winning clothbound Cheddar is a joint venture with Jasper Hill. Mateo insists that “other cheesemakers aren’t the competition,” he says. “As a group we compete for the person who hasn’t had that awakening yet. We want the person who bites into a Hervé Mons Camembert, and the light comes on.”

Jasper Hill cheese
Andy and Mateo Kehler in fields with dairy cows

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